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Nudity Today, Serra...and Save the Date!

I love New York. Neighborhoods change over time with shifting demographics and development, and even areas that I frequently visit always seem to provide something new to see or experience and, of course, photograph. Despite living in Manhattan for over 20 years I am still exploring many neighborhoods for the first time while periodically reacquainting myself with others. The Lower East Side is a neighborhood that has undergone dramatic changes over the last several years, both welcome and not, but which continues to be one where I always seem to find something great to capture. I was walking past The Hole gallery on Bowery one afternoon when I saw this poor guy and knew that I had to capture the shot before he moved or came to or found his missing shoe. Of course I love that he's hunched over on the step of this gallery featuring a reflective privacy screen and bright red letters proclaiming "Nudity Today" - which is what I've titled the photo. I'm showing this photo this month in two annual shows that I've not participated in before. The Karyn Mannix Gallery has moved the annual "Love & Passion" show online this year, and "Love & Passion X: A Virtual Art Show" will be available for viewing through at least March 15th. I'm excited to participate in this show that always features great contemporary work in different media. Additionally, this is one of two photos that I'm showing in Ripe Art Gallery's "Peace, Love & Rock and Roll" show in Huntington, NY, running through March 5th.

I was just notified this week that one of my photos was accepted by 1650 Gallery in Echo Park, Los Angeles, for their "Abstracts" juried photography exhibition, opening on February 28th. I took this photo (as well as another from a different perspective) of the Richard Serra sculpture, T.E.U.C.L.A. - the first of Serra's sculptures to be on permanent view in a public space - on the UCLA campus when I was in Los Angeles last June. This 42-ton work is one in a series of large scale steel "Torqued Ellipse" sculptures by Serra. I'm always fascinated by how these pieces seem to have subtle shifts in space and form, almost fluid movement as the base and top shift from concave to convex, expanding and confining space and allowing and limiting light - all despite being made out of large slabs of steel. I'm drawn to his work and love photographing the lines, curves and textures of his pieces.

Finally, save-the-date: I'm organizing a small group exhibit with a few other photographers at Ashawagh Hall in Springs in East Hampton, NY this summer during the weekend of June 26 - 28. More info to come!

As always, thanks for your interest in my photography and please always feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.




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