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Moonshine Revellers and Shades of Night

As you may recall from a previous post ("What's In A Name?"), I have adopted the practice of naming my boat hull photos after the boats themselves. In addition to being a logically appropriate and organic naming process, it captures the fantastically evocative names that boat owners tend to give their vessels. I am nothing if not fully committed to this approach, but the many unnamed boats that I photograph result in more "Untitled" images than is tenable. Recently, I have begun appending these Untitled works with parenthetical titles, names that at least to me have some connection to the boat they identify. Untitled ("Vera") is one of my favorites of this approach, as it will always remind me of the wonderful person I met at Art New York - click here for the story behind that titling.

The two images here are unrelated except for their color palette and their untitled status. Who better to consult on words than Shakespeare? In The Merry Wives of Windsor, Will provides us with:

Fairies, black, grey, green, and white, You moonshine revellers and shades of night...

A reference to nocturnally active fairies? "Moonshine Revellers"? "Shades of Night"? Perfect. Certainly better than the associations that colors had with body fluids or "humors" in Shakespeare's time, and the connection that black and green had with bile.

Both of these images will be among the several of my pieces that will be included in the upcoming show at White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton. The show runs from June 7 - 26, with an opening reception on June 11 from 6p to 8p -- a perfect time for these Moonshine Revellers and Shades of Night to be out. I would love to see you there!

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