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Hanging With My Heroes


My work (clockwise from top left - La Buena Vida, Waterline, Legacy, Pipe Dream) hanging next to Dune Grass, House, Truro, with a stunned me in between. Thanks to Kate Sarris for this photo.


Joel Meyerowitz. I’ve long loved Joel Meyerowitz’s iconic street photography, but over time have also become aware of and admired his other work. I was lucky enough last year to see him discuss his “Morandi’s Objects” series at the Center for Italian Modern Art, inspired by the exact objects that artist Giorgio Morandi (1890 - 1964) painted over his lifetime. Meyerowitz’s “Cape Light” series originated in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the mid-1970s, and is a classic example of color photography with natural, often softly ethereal light. I love the series for the beauty of the work itself, and for how its stark contrast to Meyerowitz’s street photography exemplifies the breadth of his talents as a photographer, providing endless inspiration.

So when I walked into the Ilon Art Gallery earlier this month for the opening reception of the “From the Archives” show, and saw Dune Grass, House, Truro from Meyerowitz’s “Cape Light” series hanging next to a grid arrangement of four works from my “Boat Hulls” series…well, I just - stopped. Tried breathing. Even succeeded, after a minute. After a few moments I began to take in the rest of the exhibit — and then there were the fantastic black and white prints by Ken Graves and Eva Lipman, and Leonard Freed. While walking to the downstairs gallery, I saw a photo of Barry Humphries by Annie Leibovitz. The breathing thing started happening again. Annie Leibovitz! Further in was a framed print of the iconic album cover photo Freewheelin' Bob Dylan & Suze Rotolo, West Village, NYC by Don Hunstein. A series of stunning black and white portraits, including of Buju Banton and Snoop Dog, by Gregg Delman was hung near a large print of my Untitled (“Moonshine Revellers”). At every turn were more revelations and inspiring surprises.

The exhibit beautifully combines a collection of works by diverse photographers of varied subjects - and it continues to inspire momentary breathing difficulties for me. Go to Ilon Art Gallery to see and discover the work of these incredible photographers. Thanks to Loni Efron, owner of the gallery for curating this wonderful show and for inviting me to be a part of it. “From the Archives” will be up through March 4, with more information available at

Several of Gregg Delman's portraits reflected in my Untitled ("Moonshine Revellers"). Thanks to Claudia Ward - for this photo.


Current and Upcoming Shows:

"Slide Slamming: A Long Island Collaboration" Patchogue Arts Council Gallery. Patchogue, NY. November 12 - December 30

Solo Exhibition. "Boat Hulls From Montauk and Beyond" The Gallery, Quogue Library. Quogue, NY. December 2 - December 31

"From The Archives: A Group Photography Show" Ilon Art Gallery, New York, NY. December 1 - March 4, 2017




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