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Talk Is Cheap

No, I'm not referencing the Keith Richards solo album, or the Chet Faker or Harry Styles songs. 'Cheap' here has more of a positive connotation - as in free - and after all, what's cheaper than free? Anyway, I'll be talking about my work at two events in the next week, and hope to see you there.

This Saturday I will be at the East Hampton Marine Museum in Amagansett from 3pm - 5pm for an artist talk about the ongoing exhibit (through September 30th) of over 25 images from my Boat Hulls series. I'm proud to be exhibiting my work at this museum, which is part of the East Hampton Historical Society and which celebrates the importance of the sea to Long Island's East End.

Recently, artist and author Art Donovan interviewed me about my work, particularly my Boat Hulls series, and we met up at the Marine Museum exhibit to discuss the series in general as well as some images specifically. It's always a true pleasure to hear that someone likes or enjoys my photos, but it is particularly gratifying when someone seems to understand the thought, approach, and intent behind my work. A very big thank you to Art for his interest in my work and for this fantastic article. Read it here online, but East Enders can pick up the print version starting Thursday, July 13th. The image above, Untitled ("Dirty") is one that was taken in East Hampton and is featured in both the article and the exhibit.

I'm also excited to have been invited by the East Hampton Arts Council to be a presenter at their Creative Networking Night on Thursday, July 20th, from 6pm - 8pm, at Studio 144 in East Hampton. The East Hampton Arts Council seeks to benefit and enrich the arts community of East Hampton, and to that end has established this speaker series where creatives from the area speak about their work. I'm so happy to be presenting along with artists, musicians, and authors; and I look forward to learning more about them and their work. The event is open to all and is a lovely opportunity to tap into the rich creative community in East Hampton. More info below.

Hope to see you at one of these events. Don't worry - I'll let you get a word in.





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