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Second Hand News

Buenos Aires has been a city of firsts for me. As described in my last blog post, it was the city of the elusive first gear, as I semi-successfully tackled driving stick shift for the first time. I posted recently how it was the first time I’d ever seen a hull resemble a classic Duchamp work (that’s Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2, not Étant donnés -- just to be clear). It was the first time I ever encountered the choripán, a spectacular combination of chorizo, bread, and chimichurri whose deliciousness seems impossible to properly recreate domestically (I've tried -- no luck so far). Finally, it was also the first time that I had seen a boat repair technique such as on the hull pictured here, with newspaper repurposed to shield the hull’s upper surface. This was one that caused me to stop and gawk for a moment upon first seeing it -- in surprise, wonder, and glee. The erratic Day-Glo orange paint perfectly delineates the upper and lower fields and provides a nice neon pop which is further accented by the color photos of the pasted pages above. This may now be my preferred way of reading the newspaper: while it is affixed to a boat, upside down, and in a foreign language. It seems so much more pleasant this way, and somehow makes more sense. I’m calling this unnamed newsmaker, Untitled (“Second Hand News”).

Here’s some news, straight from the source -- nothing second hand about it. I am excited to have been invited to be part of the new “A Night Out With…” art event series. The series features an artist discussion/presentation at Golden Eagle Art, to be followed by dinner at Nick & Toni’s right next door. I was lucky to be able to attend the second of these events, featuring artists Dan Rizzie and Susan Lazarus-Reimen as they discussed and demonstrated monotype printmaking. It was a fantastic evening of art, conversation, and (my favorite) Corpse Reviver #2s. I am excited to reconvene for my session on March 21st, and hope to see you there!


A Night Out With Michele Dragonetti. Wednesday, March 21, 5:30 - 9:30. Golden Eagle Art / Nick & Toni's, 144 / 136 North Main Street. East Hampton, NY.

Contact Golden Eagle at 631-324-0603 to register for the event ($75, includes the art event at Golden Eagle and a two course dinner at Nick & Toni's).

Note: date was changed from originally announced February date.



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